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Dr. David Wu
Your Chino Chiropractor

Back Pain and Surgery

I was about to have back surgery when a friend of mine referred me to see Dr. Wu to see if he could help me with the severe low back pain I was having for over 5 years. I had tried many other places with not much progress. Dr. Wu took the time to understand my condition first and what I had already tried in treatments. His recommendation to use the PEMF therapy to help accelerate the healing of my back was just what I needed. My back pain was reduced immediately and now I’m not looking at having surgery anymore. Thanks, Dr. Wu!

Charles D. – Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Whiplash and Concussion

I was in a terrific car accident. Dr. Wu and his staff used many alternative remedies as I’m allergic to the usual medications. My progress has been dramatic and consistent. I’m grateful to Dr. Wu for using holistic remedies that I can tolerate and respond to. Thank you so much! You’re the best!

Renee C. – La Verne, CA

Neck Pain and Vertigo

When I suffered from severe vertigo and could not function for an entire week, I sought Dr. Wu's expert holistic methods to get me back to normal. The nutritional analysis pointed out areas that I needed to fix and I got several supplemental solutions. The treatments for alignment and pain management got me back on my feet in less than 6 weeks. Today I am symptom-free and will continue to go see Dr. Wu for the maintenance of my health.

Susie J. – Pomona, CA

Football Injury

Hi, my name is Tony Smith. I have a testimonial for Dr. David Wu's office. Amazing program! I have had pain on my side for almost 7 weeks from an injury I got at football practice with my children and it just wasn’t going away. I couldn’t figure out what it was so I went to Dr. Wu's office, and he hooked me up on his electromagnetic program. I went 2x a week for just a short 2 weeks and the pain was gone! You know, on the 1st visit, the pain went away for almost an hour. I was just amazed because I couldn’t even sleep at night. Then the 2nd! Then the 4th visit, I didn’t even notice it. In fact, I went and reinjured it because I had forgotten I wasn’t in pain anymore! What an amazing guy! I have worked with him for years. I highly recommend Dr. Wu! Please go visit him … you’ll find it’s an amazing trip.

Herniated Disc and Low Back Pain

I am a contractor and I hurt my back many years ago. It actually got to where it was unbearable about a year and a half ago. So I went and got an MRI and discovered I had a herniated disc in my L4 of 6 millimeters, which is quite a bit. I was in a lot of pain to the point where I couldn’t work. I started physical therapy and once in a while, I took medication. I healed up, but only temporarily. It started coming back on. I was taking almost up to 2000 milligrams of ibuprofen a day for about 4 months. Then I met Dr. Wu at a networking meeting. He told me to come in to see what he could do for me. By the 2nd visit, I was down 60% of my medication, and by the 4th visit, I was down to nothing! I’m not taking any pain medication anymore and it’s been 4 weeks now. So I am really thankful. The electromagnetic therapy … well; you have to see it to believe it. I was skeptical at first, but it really does work. I am working with no pain. Before, when I was still taking the ibuprofen, I was still in pain, but now: NO PAIN, and everything is good! I suggest you see Dr. Wu and you will be better for it. Thank you.

Stephen L. – Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Acid Reflux

I had a severe case of acid reflux. I was taking Nexium daily. In addition, I had issues with constipation, snoring, an aching back, and rosacea. I also had trouble falling asleep at night. I had issues with bad breath due to congestion in my sinuses. After treatment from Dr. Wu that included a change in diet (I stopped eating sugar, grains, and dairy) along with whole food supplements, I saw dramatic results! After two months, I no longer needed Nexium and my acid reflux and heartburn were gone. After four months, my rosacea and redness disappeared, and all my other ailments were gone. The best part is that I lost 25 pounds in three months and have maintained that weight for another four months. Overall, I feel fantastic!

Gary H. – La Verne, CA

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Fibromyalgia

I have suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome for 40 years and Fibromyalgia for 18 years. Pain, tiredness, and an upset digestive track were my way of life. The doctors could treat my symptoms but the pain was always there to some degree. Then I met Dr. Wu who taught me about nutrition and supplied me with nutritional supplements that changed my way of life. Now I feel energetic and pain-free. My digestive track runs smoothly and is able to absorb the vitamins and nutrients necessary to rebuild my system. The cranial adjustments are wonderful. It makes me feel so alive, connected, and flexible. No more stiffness in my neck and shoulders. Thank you Dr. Wu for all your love and support on the road back to health and happiness. Dr. Wu is a good listener and always has extra time for you. He is not only my doctor but my friend as well. He and his staff have been a true blessing in my life. He has created a truly peaceful and relaxed environment in his office where you always feel welcome.

Linda W. – Diamond Bar, CA

Overweight/ Constipation / Menstrual Cramps

I am a 39-year-old single mother of a pre-teen with the worse eating habits imaginable. I was overweight, not feeling well, and had the worst menstrual cycle a woman could have. My son and I would eat at McDonald's or a local fast food on an average of four times per week. I would cook (warm-up something frozen) with the microwave about twice a week, and the rest of the week, just warm up leftovers or not eat at all. When I first started coming to see Dr. Wu, I was sleepy all the time. I had real bad cramps from my menstrual cycle, and I wasn't having regular bowel movements. Dr. Wu then recommended a detox program to cleanse my body. I thought it was the worst idea ever suggested at first because I was a loyal junk food eater. I don’t like vegetables, and I thought I could NEVER give up bread and sugar. The detox though was surprisingly very easy to follow. I never felt like I was starving or missing out. I actually lost weight in the first week without even doing any kind of exercise whatsoever. Now, it’s been eight months since I&rsquo've done the detox and I&rsquo've lost over 45 pounds and about 6 inches off my waist. When I started, I was 226 pounds (same as when I was 9 months pregnant!) with a 45-inch waist (that’s roughly a size 18-20 in women). My weight now is at 181 pounds and I’m wearing a size 12. I have lots of energy to keep up with my son. I am no longer tired all the time, nor do I have really bad menstrual periods. I eat healthily. I include all different types of vegetables into my daily eating habits, and my skin is beautiful. So beautiful that when I went on vacation recently, I met someone, and now we’re going to get married on 10/10/10. Life is good. Thanks, Dr. Wu. You are a true GEM!

Valerie C. – Claremont, CA

Diabetes / High Blood Pressure

I first came to Dr. Wu complaining of many things. The first priorities were to get myself feeling better, to come off of some of the 14 medications I was taking at that time, and to have more energy. I have been a diabetic for 12 years and with that came high blood pressure and many other side ailments. Generally, I had no energy. Also, I was seeing another chiropractor for weekly adjustments. Since coming to Dr. Wu&rsquo's office, my medications have been reduced down to 7 (and more to go), and have noticed more of a sense of well-being. The best thing to know is that many of our complaints can be healed naturally and Dr. Wu encourages this attitude in his patients. I no longer need the weekly adjustments. I have had an episode of my shoulder being out of alignment and my neck being stiff, but his stretching method seemed to have solved the problem. On my first visit, I let Dr. Wu know that my goal was to be able to run again and I told him I would do it through his parking lot with him. I am now 9 weeks into a 12-week program and I am sure the goal will be met. If nothing else, I will settle for a trot.

Billie A. – Diamond Bar, CA

Knee Pain

I want to thank you for the help you gave me with my knee. I’m 85 years of age. For 6 months, I had severe pain whenever I would stand on my right knee. After I started treatment, in one month, the pain is gone. I can stand now without pain! Thank you, doctor!

Agnes P. – Diamond Bar, CA

Neck Pain / Pinched Nerves

I have been in terrible pain in my hands, wrist, neck, and arms for 11 months! This has been a very difficult time for me, at times, almost unbearable! I have been to many specialists regarding the above problems to no avail. It was even suggested to me by these specialists that it might be in my head! Unbelievable!!! I first came into Dr. Wu&rsquo's office for a consultation. After two weeks of treatment, the awful pain that I had been suffering for 11 months started to subside. The difference in my pain level is incredible! I can’t believe how quickly this therapy has helped me. Dr. Wu is the best! I have recommended you to many of my friends. I certainly believe that since you have helped me so much, you can surely help many others that are suffering. I thank you very much!

Carrie B.

Neck Problem / Tendonitis

It wasn’t until two summers ago when I experienced this excruciating nerve pain in my right pinky and this debilitating pain in the shoulder that caused me to see Dr. David. He diagnosed exactly what was the problem. I&rsquo've been suffering from tendonitis in both wrists for 8 years and my fear was that I&rsquo've come down with carpal tunnel. Dr. David set my nerves at ease and told me that it was a vertebra in my neck causing the problem. He also found that I had lost the curvature in my neck (probably from all that slouching) and has been working with me to restore the problem areas. He once again made me believe that my hero is always going to be my chiropractor, who put me back together and took the pain away!

Jeanie D.

Back Surgery

My back history began 3 years ago. For no apparent reason, my back went out to where I could not walk straight, exercise, or even do simple tasks. Through medical doctors, I have taken anti-inflammatories, physical therapy, MRI, and finally back surgery a year and a half ago. The result of the surgery relieved my sciatic pain that ran down my low back to my ankle, but there was still tightness and pain in the lower back, hip, and upper leg. A little over 2 months ago, my back went out (again for no apparent reason). I saw Dr. Wu and he suggested a spinal exam and treatment the same week. After the first visit, I could walk out of his office much better than I came in. In one and a half months, all my pain in my lower back, hip, and upper leg went away. I have more energy now. I used to always be fatigued from fighting the pain. My outlook is better because I feel healthier. Dr. Wu is my guiding light to my inner balance and health. Thank you, Dr. Wu.

Virginia C.

Back Pain

I first met Dr. Wu through a matter of chance. It was a warm afternoon at the Millbrae Art and Wine Festival, and my friends and I had been walking for quite a while and were ready for a rest. My back, which had been bothering me for months, seemed to be causing my whole body to ache. After sitting, I looked up and saw an exhibit sponsored by Dr. Wu. I'm not sure what it was that motivated me to take advantage of the opportunity (a whim, the aches, an inner voice?), but I decided to check it out. I was greeted warmly and assured that the evaluation would be painless and would only take a few minutes. This was true, and after talking with Dr. Wu, I made an appointment for further evaluation. My appointment date arrived, and with some trepidation, I entered the office. I was greeted warmly by the staff and immediately put at ease. My consultation with Dr. Wu was painless, and the results of the exam indicated that I did in fact have some areas that would benefit from treatment. Time working in my favor, I was able to have my first adjustment right away. What a blessing! As I left the office, I felt lighter and taller, and much of the pain was gone. Most amazing to me was that my head was clear. I felt as if a cloud had been lifted, and that my thinking was sharper than it had been in months. I felt energized. My follow-up appointments have continued to be an important part of my life. Dr. Wu's concern, care, professionalism, and suggestions for bettering my health have made a big difference and have made me a better person. The effect is evident in the way I feel and the way I interact with those around me. Life is so much brighter without constant nagging pains that drain enthusiasm and energy. A chance meeting? Perhaps. I know I will always be grateful for the opportunity to meet Dr. Wu and reap the benefits of his care. A happy and well-adjusted patient thanks to you, Dr. Wu!

JoAnne B.

Headaches / Insomnia

Dear Dr. Wu, I want to take this opportunity to share the positive experience that I have had with your office. Prior to visiting your office, I was suffering from severe headaches for over 15 years. In under a month, I have not experienced a single headache (I do recognize that I will have headaches from time to time and that your care can not promise me a headache-free life, but one month free of headaches has been a blessing). After undergoing treatments for my headaches, I have found several other areas in my life have also improved. For instance, I have suffered from insomnia and the inability to gain weight. Through this treatment, I have found that I am able to have a restful night's sleep and have gained 10 pounds. I feel that your care has offered me these successes as well. When I attended your seminar, I learned that when the body is not in balance, it has a difficult time healing the nervous system (through which the nervous system controls most illnesses and/or ailments). Now that my body is more in balance, my nervous system is able to correct the weight and sleep problem. I want to express my deepest gratitude to your office. Thank you again!

Kimberly K.

Overweight / Stomach Problems

I am a patient of Dr. Wu’s. I have been seeing him for a couple of years and things have really improved since that time. Then, I was 20 pounds heavier than I am today. So it was nice to be able to lose that weight. But it was really a by-product of taking care of other things that were bothering me. I have rosacea and at the time it was really red. I had a lot of stomach problems and taking Prilosec and Nexium; kind of hardcore medications to cure the acid reflux. Thru a change in diet and some of the nutrition he prescribed, I was able to get off all that stuff in a couple of months. It&rsquo's been fantastic! The treatments also help me get to sleep easier at night. I am sleeping well and eating better than I have in the past, which I think has been a major part of my change too. I am very happy with everything. His recommendations are very good. Also, there is also some electromagnetic therapy that I have been doing. I have been doing this to help with a sore shoulder that I have had and my pulled hamstring. I am very pleased and I recommend Dr. Wu to everybody. Thanks.

Gary H. – La Verne, CA

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Dear Dr. Wu, I would like to thank you for the outstanding care you have provided me over the past four weeks. When I first came to your office, I had been experiencing loss of strength in my right shoulder and a tingling sensation in my right hand. Almost immediately after my first session with you, I experienced relief and increased strength. In the subsequent sessions, the improvement has been steady, and I have recovered almost all of my strength and the sensations in my hand have declined considerably. I have already recommended your service to two of my friends, and they are very satisfied with the help you have given them. Again, thanks to you and your outstanding staff.

Mike D.

Headaches / Allergies

For years I have suffered DAILY with headaches, allergies, and sinus problems. I was living with pain, forcing myself to work, but not able to make any plans as I would never know whether or not I could function with the pain. I was taking pills and allergy and sinus pills daily. It has been one month since I began chiropractic treatment with Dr. Wu. During this time, I have had only one day with headaches. I have not had to take any sinus or allergy tablets at all! My entire lifestyle has changed thanks to Dr. Wu. I am so happy! Unless you have lived with the pain every day, you cannot imagine how it feels to awake in the morning pain-free. I know this is hard to believe as I cannot believe it myself. I had relief with the first treatment. I see the skepticism in other people when I tell them, but I know it has worked for me. I thank God that I was home the day Dr. Wu&rsquo's office called. I keep thinking of all the years I suffered from pain needlessly. Thank you Dr. Wu for giving me back my life!

Aarene Z.

Shoulder Pain

I am a licensed daycare provider who watches from six to eight infants and small children 10 hours a day. I was having sharp pains under my shoulder blade from constantly lifting and carrying my daycare children and my own children as well. I had already seen my doctor at Kaiser, who gave me a prescription for Vicodin. These pills did nothing but make me so tired that I could not work. Fortunately, I received a postcard from Dr. Wu and decided I would make an appointment. I am glad I did! He was able to adjust my spine and especially my shoulder to relieve the pain. Also, he gave me exercises that I could do on my own to strengthen those strained muscles. It really helped me feel better and still continue to do my job. Since then, I continue to get adjustments when I have the occasional pain and I always leave Dr. Wu's office feeling better. I would recommend Dr. Wu's chiropractic adjustments to anyone. Not only is chiropractic a real help, but also, Dr. Wu himself is truly a healer. He genuinely cares about his patient's well-being and has tried to make the whole experience, from the moment you walk into his office and speak to his wonderful and friendly assistants, to the adjustment itself. Thank you, Dr. Wu!

Danielle K.

Swollen Feet

Dear Dr. Wu, I wanted to thank you for doing the Bio Cranial technique on me. After traveling from New York to Florida, sleeping in a hotel for 4 days, and working very long days at the workshop, I was really tired, and my back felt VERY stiff and tight. I wanted to say THANK YOU! And I wish I got it done sooner. I was able to feel a deep stretch in my back and neck muscles immediately after. I felt better, less tired, and much more relaxed. One of the most amazing things was that the swelling in my feet was gone! My shoes were tight when I put them on in the morning and I couldn't just slip them off my feet. But after you did perform this technique on me, the swelling was completely gone. I also wanted to mention that I had a really good and restful sleep that night.

Dory L. - Seminar Workshop Coordinator


I came to see Dr. Wu for the Alphabiotic treatment after one year of unsuccessful therapy for a low back injury resulting from a rear-end collision. I was desperate and not looking forward to a nerve block from my orthopedist. I am pleased to say that after 5 weeks of chiropractic treatment with Dr. Wu, the back pain is 70% better and I am able to stand and walk for longer periods of time. That means maybe I can now return to long-distance hiking. I’m also pleased that your office staff treats me like a long-lost friend!


Hay Fever

I started coming to Dr. Wu's office almost a year ago. My girlfriend noticed I was stooped over more than usual, and she couldn't rub out my backaches. Improvements in my posture were almost immediate, but the benefits were ones I didn't expect. I suffer from seasonal hay fever, both in spring and fall. Usually, each season, I pick a new brand of antihistamine/decongestant as I build up resistance to the one I used the previous season. This spring, I purchased a small box (12 capsules as opposed to my usual 24) and shared it with my girlfriend. I still have a few of those capsules. This spring, I used no more than a handful. This fall, so far, I have used none! Just not going around medicated is such a benefit that I just can't describe! Thank you, Dr. Wu!

Chris I.


I have had eczema ever since I was born. Every night, I would wake up itching and scratch constantly. As I grew older, eczema started to spread on my arms and face. I was embarrassed wearing short sleeve shirts because my arms would be flaky, dry, itchy, and red. My mom could not find anything to stop the itching. We tried Cortisone, Aloe Vera lotion, moisturizers, and a healthy diet, but nothing really worked. My mom even tried to teach me the power of "mind over matter" (like that really worked!). Nothing we tried relieved the itching, dryness, redness, or flaky patch on my arms and face. All of that is over now. Thank you for recommending the whole food supplements from Standard Process. It has given me relief! After two weeks of taking my supplements, I didn't itch as much. My mom and I also noticed that my skin was looking better. By the second month, I stopped scratching! Today, I am no longer embarrassed to wear short sleeve shirts. The redness and dryness on my face are completely gone! My arms are no longer flaky, dry, itchy, or red. Finally, I can sleep peacefully without a scratch! Thank you, Dr. Wu!

Lauren C.

"The results are fantastic. Dr. Wu is an expert in his field and he is highly creative in his treatments and implementation." – Gary H.

"In six weeks, all my pain in my lower back, hip, and upper leg went away. I have more energy now." – Virginia C.

"By the second visit, I was down 60% of my medication, and by the fourth visit, I was down to nothing!" – Stephen L.

"The lump in my breast disappeared!… I now tell everyone I know, who is facing health issues, to see Dr. Wu." – Terilee H.

"It’s been eight months since I’ve done the detox, and I’ve lost over 45 pounds and about 6 inches off my waist." – Valerie C.

"I’m a firm believer in Dr. Wu. The bags under my eyes are gone, my knees do not hurt going up and down the stairs anymore and I’m sleeping through the night!" – Marla S.

"My family and I are proud patients’ of Dr. Wu. He has been providing us with first-rate holistic care for four years. His friendly, professional, educational, consistent, whole "body-mind-spirit" approach to health is nothing short of spectacular - his staff are super nice - I would recommend a visit for both preventive and non-traditional care for almost any illness or ailment." – Tony Smith – Small Business Plan Writer

"Dr. David Wu is a wonderful healer! I would highly recommend him!" – Kelli Holmes – President of TEAM Referral Network

"Dr. Wu, Wow! When you speak about your passion and your knowledge of the body and its functions, you explain it in such a way that it is understandable and insightful. Thank you!" – Adrian Tan – Entrepreneur

"Dr. Wu is a consummate professional not only in the field of chiropractic healing but is also an expert in health and wellness. I would recommend him to all my friends, family members, and colleagues." – Cory Newman – Director of TEAM Referral Network

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