Chiropractic Care

Wu Chiropractics use traditional adjustments in conjunction with muscle relaxing techniques therapeutic exercises, and advanced modalities for overall spinal and extremity joint correction. Low-force techniques are available for the elderly, children, and those who wish to avoid any “popping” noises.

Nutrition Therapy

Instead of chemically-manufactured vitamins, whole-food supplements may be recommended, but not necessary, for improved results, convenience, and safety. Nutrition response testing, muscle reflexology, and applied kinesiology (AK) are available for accurate therapeutic supplement combinations and dosages.

Massage Therapy

Extended visits for muscle relaxation, blood circulation, and/or deep soft-tissue therapy by our experienced assistants may be scheduled in advance in conjunction with other treatments.

Energy Medicine

With the increasing amount of stress, fatigue, and challenges today, more advanced technologies (eg. Cold Laser, PEMF, Scar Tissue therapy) are incorporated for quick and lasting results of pain relief and healing.

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